Atlantic Lotto

The Atlantic 49 Lottery is run by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation or "ALC". The ALC is jointly owned by 4 Canadian provincial governments that are all located in the French part of Canada on the Atlantic coast. The 4 provinces that jointly own ALC are Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Labrador & Newfoundland. The ALC maintains its main office in Moncton, New Brunswick. Founded back in 1976 and has regularly partnered with the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation or "ILC" on national Canadian lotteries such as the Lotto 6/49.

Atlantic 49 ticket price is $1 and at an additional charge to the ticket price, you can have the numbers automatically entered into the Lotto 6/49 & Lotto Max (both National lotteries). The ALC also offers TAG, Shabam, Bucko, Atlantic Payday, Pik 4, and Keno Atlantic. The ALC also offers Sports Betting, Scratch tickets, Pull tabs, and games on the web site PlaySphere. The ALC also owns the Red Shores Casino & Racetrack, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, offering harness horse racing, poker tables, and slot machines.

Since the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is jointly owned by provinces in the French part of Canada, the east coast, It is also known by its French name, which is Societe des lotteries de l'Atlantique or Loto Atlantique. The ALC has developed a reputation as an innovator in the lottery industry. It was back in 1988 when the ALC became the 1st lottery in the world to print, on all draws and scratch-off tickets, to have a bar code printed on the tickets. What this did is make it possible to get prize verification instantly on your ticket.

How to Play Atlantic 49

The Atlantic 49 lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday night. On both nights the time of the draw is around 10:00 PM (Atlantic Time). As you may have guessed from the name, Atlantic 49, the winning numbers are drawn from 1 through 49. On each draw, 6 jackpot numbers, as well as 1 bonus number, are drawn. You are able to play multiple lines in the same draw at a cost of $ 1 each.

A line, that you have purchased, must contain 3 or more jackpot numbers to win any prize. The odds of winning, at least one of the prize amounts is 1 in 29. When you purchase your Atlantic 49 Lottery ticket you can either select 6 numbers (from 1 to 49) or you can opt for an Insta Pik, which gets you 6 numbers for your line that is selected by a computerized random number generator. Prize amounts do not vary from draw to draw, even if no one won the jackpot in a previous draw, so you will always know what you can expect.

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Odds on Winning the Atlantic 49

These are the odds and prize amounts of the Atlantic 49 Lottery:

Prize Money

How to Win

A Single $1 Line has this probability of winning

The Main Jackpot is $1 million. Multiple winning tickets, in the same draw, will split the main jackpot.

All 6 jackpot numbers must be matched, commonly this is referred to as 6 out of 6

6,991,908 to 1

$ 64,900 for each draw with the winning numbers.

You must match 5 of the 6 jackpot numbers plus the bonus number. This may also be referred to as 5 out of 6 plus bonus.

1,165,319 to 1

$649. Each ticket with 5 of 6 jackpot numbers receives this amount.

You must match 5 of the 6 jackpot numbers on a single line (5 out of 6).

27,747 to 1

$ 64. Every entry with 4 out of 6 jackpot numbers.

You must match 4 of the 6 jackpot numbers using only a single line (4 out of 6).

517 to 1

$6 Prize. Matching only 3 of the 6 jackpot numbers rewards every winning ticket with this prize.

You must match 3 out of 6 jackpot numbers per line (3 of 6).

29 to 1

Chance of winning any prize.

Odds of winning any prize at all.

27 to 1


There is only 1 main jackpot, paying $ 1 million, and multiple winners would have to split the jackpot. All of the other possible winning combinations pay a fixed prize amount which is paid to all holders of a qualifying ticket. The main jackpot of $ 1 million and all the other prizes remain consistent from draw to draw. For example, a ticket with 3 of the 6 winning numbers will always pay $ 6 and the jackpot, of all 6 jackpot numbers, will always pay $ 1 million.

These amounts are not affected in the event a jackpot is hit or not hit. All dollar amounts used in this article are Canadian dollars.

The Advantages of Playing

Even though the Atlantic 49 jackpot is always a fixed $1 million, which is a lot less than many other lotteries, the ticket price is reasonable at $ 1 per line. The odds of winning, while still large, are considerably better than some larger national lotteries. Being able to upgrade your ticket to include a Lotto 6/49 and TAG number is also an easy way to play.

Another nice feature is that all of ALC's profits are given back to the partner provinces to help pay for their general funding. Since ALC's inception, back in 1976, more than $ 5.5 billion dollars has been awarded to winning lottery ticket owners.