How to participate in the huge European Lotteries

If you are a fan of playing the lottery, you may or may not know that you do not have to visit an area in order to get in on the action. You can play European Lotto in the hopes of winning a slice of the pie from lotteries around the globe. A company named RedFoxLotto can help you discover how to participate in some of the many lotteries of Europe. Click here to visit their website and get your online ticket for any European lottery.


Euromillions and Euromillions UK are two of the European lotteries that cover a range of countries, with an opportunity to win big jackpots. Euromillions is traditionally played in 9 different countries and is known to have rollover jackpots of over 100 million euros. With Tuesday and Friday drawings with a shot at winning a minimum of 15 million euros, it is no wonder that people continue to play this lottery.

The biggest jackpot of 185 euros is certainly nothing at which to sneeze. Euromillions UK offers a guaranteed draw of prize of 1.2 million euros on top of the 15 million euro draws on Tuesdays and Fridays. With even more opportunities to win, online you can play both versions of the richest weekly drawings in Europe.


This lottery across 7 countries is newer but becoming ever more popular. Eurojackpot offers you more chances to win a drawing of 10 million euros each Friday, and as a result, is a big hit online. Its largest jackpot to date is 50 Million Euros, and you could certainly find some way to put those funds to use.

Lottery in the UK and Ireland

The UK National Lottery offers more chances for you to win a 2.3 million euro weekly drawing than does Euromillions. With drawings on Wednesdays and Saturdays, a payout like a record 66 million euros could one day be yours when you decide to play European Lotto online. UK Thunderball will give you Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday drawings with an opportunity to win an 800,000 euro minimum payout each time.

You may win smaller with this lottery, but you have more chances to walk away with more money in the bank. The Irish Lotto offers you more chances to win a minimum of 2.6 million euros each week than any other national lottery in the world. You can get in on the Wednesday and Saturday weekly drawings in the hopes of winning a payout like a record 25 million euro jackpot.

Other European Lotteries

There are also two Spanish lotteries, a French lotto, German and Italian lottos that you can play through RedFoxLotto. Thanks to the internet services offered by them, you will be able to play any or all of the European Lotto options available online. So if you have some funds to spare, get in on some of the most lucrative lottery action in Europe. Now you do not have hope to win big at home. You may also do so abroad, without ever leaving your computer.