Irish Lotto

If you love to play the lottery you will need to come and play Irish Lotto online today! The Irish Lotto is known for being the best lotto online that offers the best odds on their jackpots. It has been said that the Irish Lotto is at least 42% easier to win than the lotto in the UK that is equivalent to them.

When you play Irish Lotto online you will have chances to win jackpots that range from €2.6 million up to €25 million. What is so cool about the Irish Lotto is that you will have a chance to win one in every twenty-eight tickets. The Irish lotto is set up with seven tiers (this gives the player a better chance to win). To pick your numbers and get a ticket, simply click here - go to RedFoxLotto, the most reputable lotto ticket online service in the World.

How the Irish Lotto works

The draw format for the Irish Lotto is that you will be able to choose six numbers. These numbers will be chosen between one and forty-five, plus a bonus number. If your six numbers match the six numbers drawn you will then be the JACKPOT WINNER! If your bonus number matches the one drawn you will win prizes from the lower tiers.

You will have 7 tiers of prizes to win. If you want a bigger chance to win, purchase several tickets!

How the Irish Lotto pays

You not only win the jackpot if you match all six numbers plus the bonus number, you can also win smaller prizes on other tiers by matching at least three main numbers (matching three main numbers you will win an entry-level prize).
All online ticket purchases for the Irish Lotto through RedFoxLotto are safe and secure. Once your purchase had been completed you will receive a receipt/confirmation showing the proof of purchase of your lotto ticket(s). The ticket(s) are scanned and sent via email for your convenience and the original ticket(s) are stored safely in a deposit box.

The price of your ticket depends on you (how many lines played, taxes, and fees). RedFoxLotto not earn anything but our service fees you receive all of your winnings! Remember to allow enough time before the cutoff to purchase your ticket. (Cutoff time is five hours before the draw) The odds of winning the jackpot are one in eight million+. However, your overall odds of winning any prize are one in forty-two.

What happens if you win? You are notified via email and the results are also published on the Irish Lotto website. If you have won a substantial amount we will contact you ASAP!

Playing the lotto can be fun and lucrative! The fun and excitement from playing the Irish Lotto online is like none other! What better way to make money than playing a game that you love?

Remember the Irish Lotto has a minimum of €2.6 million and seven tier levels of prizes just waiting to be won. You can play one line or many, it is up to you. Who does not like to win money? Come play Irish Lotto online!