Questions regarding lotto online

Before you actually buy your first lottery ticket online, you probably have some questions. This article will provide you with answers.

Is it legal to play the lotto online?

Yes, absolutely. You see, although YOU play online by ordering your ticket via RedFoxLotto, your ticket is actually being bought in the traditional way. An agent working for RedFoxLotto will go to a lotto store and buy a ticket for you. All the participating lotteries allow anyone to buy a lotto ticket at their stores. They do not restrict themselves to persons who live in their country or state.

Any tourist from Europe, India, Japan, Australia or any other country of the World could buy a ticket for a US lottery while in the United States. Or you could ask a friend who travels the USA to bring you a ticket. And the lotto commission would pay that jackpot out to the owner of that ticket - namely the person whose name is on it.

So, of course, it is absolutely legal to play lotto online. What RedFoxLotto does is not offering a lottery of their own - they run an international courier service for lottery ticket, that is all perfectly legal.

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What are the advantages of playing online?

  • The advantages of playing the lottery online are obvious:
  • You can choose from over 20 of the World's biggest lotteries
  • You can simply pick the currently highest jackpot for better chances of winning
  • You can also pick the one that will be drawn next - no more waiting for several days until you see whether you have won
  • You don't have to make the way to your lotto shop
  • You can never lose your lotto ticket

How does purchasing a lotto ticket work?

  • Step one: You go to RedFoxLotto (click here)
  • Step two: You choose one of the 20+ lotteries
  • Step three: You pick your numbers (or have the computer do a quick pick for you) - you can play more than one lotto at a time if you want
  • Step four: You pay online (there is a wide array of payment options, from credit card to bank wire, even Western Union)
  • Step five: You will receive an email from RedFoxLotto as confirmation, plus a scan of your personal lotto ticket(s)

What happens if I win the lotto with the ticket I bought?

  • If your winnings are under €2500, then the amount will be credited to your customer account at RedFoxLotto. You can cash it out at any time, or use the money for more lotto tickets
  • If you win more than €2500, RedFoxLotto will email you a form you have to fill out. You put your data in (like your name, and how you would like to get paid), send it back to RedFoxLotto, and they forward it to the lotto commission. Most of the time, the lotto commission will send you a cheque.
  • Although, if you crack the big jackpot, then you may be required to come and have your cheque handed over to you in person. Is that a problem, really? No? I didn't think so ...