Bitcoin payments for online lotto tickets

Countless lottery players dream of striking it rich by scoring a life-changing lotto jackpot. There is nothing wrong with this. Taking the chance on a lottery once in a while is a healthy habit even though the prospect of winning huge amounts of cash seems unlikely. Why not dream a little?
The average American citizen spends $300 annually on lottery tickets. But, why spend your dollars when you can use bitcoins to play. Instead of getting your winnings taxed, buy some bitcoins and multiply them with instant bitcoin lottery games where the hassle to play is minimal.

Where to Buy Lottery Tickets Using Bitcoin

There are two options for buying lottery tickets using bitcoin. The first is buying tickets for online bitcoin lotteries that host their own games based on the principle of bitcoin games. These games are usually not so flashy, they are simple and instant. Because of that, you get the opportunity to play up to a dozen games in just one hour.
The second opportunity is buying lottery tickets at using bitcoins that will get you into big-time lotteries like Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, El Gordo, and other such state-run lotteries. Keep in mind that this is not possible by going to the official websites of these lotteries. No, there you can buy tickets only using officially recognized currencies.
Instead, you have to find official and legitimate resellers of lottery tickets. The good thing about them is that more and more resellers are introducing the option to buy the tickets using bitcoins. What they do is buy the physical ticket for you no matter where you are in the world, they scan it and send you a copy of it or the original.

Why Bitcoin Lottery?

Bitcoin lotteries run non-stop with small or high winning prizes depending on the game. Instead of waiting for your favorite lottery game to run once a week, you get countless of opportunities to win prizes.
The hassle to register and play is kept to a minimum. To open a lottery account at a bitcoin lottery site you just need to enter your email, password and your bitcoin wallet address. And you get to stay completely anonymous never having the need to disclose your personal details that identify you.

Moreover, when you have won some bitcoins, you get them instantly and no tax included. Avoiding the tax means bigger withdrawal. Depending on the bitcoin lottery operator, a small percentage will be deducted for operating costs and maintenance, but that’s it. The money is yours instantly.

And since bitcoins can be used to buy various things on the internet today, you don’t even have to convert them into regular currency. Or, you may want to wait for the price to rise and then just sell them. And, boom, there is your additional profit. Did you know that recently the price of one bitcoin was higher than the price of one ounce of gold? Think about that.