Has anyone won the lotto online?

online ticket lotto winnerRecently RedFoxLotto, our favorite online lottery provider for lotto fans across the planet, has had some lucky winners. In the recent Mega Millions drawing Cynthia Hunt won $250,000 by hitting the first 5 white balls in the drawing. She plans on using the money to pay off her college loans and buy a new car.

She was a bit skeptical at first playing at RedFoxLotto but after the ticket, she ordered won big she was ecstatic. See folks I think this is the reason why most of us play the lottery and hopefully one of us will be as lucky as her down the road.

We will be updating this thread on a regular basis for online lotto ticket winners for $100,000 or larger, if you would like to have your online winnings also published, then please contact us and we would be happy to add your winning prize ticket!