All global Lotteries

Playing the lottery online is becoming easier and easier every day. You are able to participate in International Lotto Jackpots online from Europe, Australia, South America, and even Canada - from any location, as long as you have Internet available. Through our partner RedFoxLotto you are able to log in, choose your numbers and purchase your tickets with ease. You never have to go to another lottery kiosk again.

Lotto is now international - your country of residence does not matter anymore!

Before the appearance of RedFoxLotto and its service for international lottery tickets (this is the link to the website of RedFoxLotto), there was no way for lottery players from all over the World to play internationally. A lotto ticket for US lotteries Powerball and Mega Millions was impossible to get for citizens of other countries unless they happened to be in the US. Equally unattainable were the lotteries of European countries, such as the Spanish El Gordo or the Italian Lotto or the Eurojackpot.

Thanks to RedFoxLotto this is all history now. RedFoxLotto provides a global courier service for lotto tickets. Any lotto fan can simply go online, pick one of 20 international lotteries and his desired numbers, determine the duration of the ticket and register with RedFoxLotto. After that, they can pay for their ticket online, for example, by credit card (but there are also a number of alternatives available for payment).

Then RedFoxLottotakes over for you. An employee of RedFoxLotto inside the country of the lottery buys the ticket as ordered by you. The ticket is going to have on it your name and your chosen lottery numbers. Subsequently, the ticket will be scanned, and RedFoxLotto will send you an email with a link to view or download the ticket.

In the event that you win, RedFoxLotto's service also includes that you get your money - either directly to your account (for amounts up to 500 $), or by check from the lottery commission of the country the lottery is licensed in.

You see, to play international lotto jackpots with this great online service is now as easy as never before. And remember, the Lotto jackpots in the United States are always higher than in most other countries - the record jackpot amount in the US currently stands at a whopping 1.5 BILLION dollars!